Month: July 2008

The Week Ahead: Earnings you need to know about

Excerpt from my MSN Money article on the coming week’s earnings:

How about we play a game, shall we? It goes like this: I say a term and you tell me the first thing that comes to your mind. Ready?

What do you think of when you hear the word recession? Did...

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The Housing Bill: Uncle Sam is moving into the spare bedroom

Well, over the weekend the Housing Bill was passed by a 72-13 vote in the Senate. Now, we wait for President Bush to sign and all will be fixed it seems. Yeah right !

It must have been an interesting conversation that the Senators had when they discussed how the U.S....

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TDI Episode 67: The #1 Read Investing Columnist

Guest: Jim Jubak. MSN Money and Andrew discuss how to spot the end of a bear market. We also review the financial stocks and Andrew provides insight in the Main-stream-media. (MSM)

I will admit it; I am in quandary. Do we really know what is going on? Do the newspapers, magazines...

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Bill Gates and AN – The Most Charitable Man Alive

It is official! Bill Gates has to be the most charitable man alive. Now, he is providing a chunk of his assets to help out ailing Autonation (AN). Sure he takes a nice piece of the company and if you look at the history of this once darling/roll-up king, you...

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The Fat Lady ain’t singing!

It ain’t over it seems. Apple (AAPL) aside, the big news after hours was American Express (AXP). The earnings are awful, the business is in the dumps and now AMEX wants to withdraw any 2008 forecast. Bloomberg reported:
Profit in the company’s U.S. card business dropped 96 percent to $21...

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