Month: June 2008

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Each week, The Disciplined Investor Podcast takes a look at the markets, the economy and the worldwide investing scene in search of opportunities. This podcast has an outstanding lineup of guests each episode who help to provide savvy insight and valuable commentary.

Host Andrew Horowitz and guests will help you learn...

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Greenberger on the Hill – Enron Loophole Video

As a follow up to to the recent articles you may have read here, you may want to consider watching this. The recent testimony of Prof. Michael Greenberger on The Enron Loophole…Scary Stuff.. (turn your sound down a bit.. it is a touch loud!)


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TDI Podcast 63: OIL-OIL-Enron Loophole-OIL-OIL

Guests: Prof. Michael Greenberger and John C. Dvorak discuss the Enron Loophole, the London Loophole and the skyrocketing price of oil. We also find out how closing the loophole could bring the per barrel price of oil down 25%!


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On Oil and Manipulation

I have been following the Enron Loophole discussions and had a conversation with Sen. Feinstein‘s office last week. I was looking for answers to the very confusing timeline of a bill that initially looked as if it was not passing, but was later attached to the Farming Bill that was...

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Oil Index Set to Fall?

The ETF that tracks the US Energy Sector (AMEX:IYE) is starting to show signs that it may be ready for a real fall. As there has been a significant increase in the noise surrounding sky-high oil prices and regulators and politicians looking to increase oversight, they will surely end up...

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