MarketMASH – March 29, 2008

Brett Steenbarger of Traderfeed comments on one of the biggest problems for traders: Denial. “One particularly uncomfortable truth for traders is that their lack of profits is simply due to trading randomness. It’s not a lack of discipline, a lack of trade planning, or a lack of tweaking the right indicators that create losses–all of those are relatively easy to address. No, losses are caused by trading strategies that simply do not work, and that’s not so easily remedied.”

Stockmasters on Starbucks (SBUX) and their new idea to transform the company into a profitable company with global dominance. Wait…uhhmmmmm… that de ja vu all over again?

My friend Brian, the video charting ace is underimpressed with Discover Financial (DFS). Take a look at the chart and you also may say….eeegaddds too!

Apple iPhone 3G anyone? Reports and rumors are circulating around that the plan is set. OMG! What I would do for 3G! I need 3G! I have to have 3G! :-)

One another note… Have you ever listened to Indie Rock? I just can’t get enough of it. You really need to check it out. Relaxing and invigorating at the same time. (listen in iTunes) – Tell me if you like it…

As I was researching Capital One Financial (COF) this week, I came across a great site that tracks insider trading – – Find out who is milking the company and which stocks are moooo-ving because of it. Nice work fellas!

Herb Greenberg is calling out Cramer on his uptick rule discussion and it is causing a comment frenzy. To be sure, the uptick rule is a joke. Short sellers are part of the market, not the problem. You got to love the ignorance when it comes to shorting stocks.

Mike Arrington, editor of the popular TechCrunch wrote an interesting article about his bulging email inbox. (To put this in perspective; I hear that it is so massive that Silicon Alley girls sometimes swoon when they see it.) There was a story within the article that discussed a recent conversation he and I had. Somehow he omitted my name and forgot to provide a link back to my site. But, the good news is that he agreed to be a guest on the Podcast….The bad news is that he wrote me 10 minutes later and canceled when he found out that I would not allow “foul language” on the show. Mike, I hope you reconsider. I am sure you will be @^#%$ awesome. Link to his post HERE.

In what is probably going to shape up to be the scariest stories of next week, UBS has come out with a statement on their new policy for auction-rate securities. You know, those were the ones that were sold as money market alternatives for investors looking for a safe place to park money while earning an above average yield. Now, as liquidity is non-existent, they will mark-to-market, reducing principal value 5%-20%. That is really going to piss-off a whole lot of investors!

Thanks to Analytical Wealth for this funny….

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