Month: February 2008

Economic Downturn: Profiting with the 5 Pillars

Just listening to investors or analysts talk these days and it is hard to miss the ongoing chatter about an apparent and impending recession. Some analysts say we are already in one, others point to its arrival in the near future. Regardless of what the experts have predicted, no...

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Economics for WEAK of Feb 15th

Just as I was thinking that there was a chance that the markets may begin to to stabilize, there is banter around in print and media that has me questioning that thought. It is apparent that there is a disconnect from reality that continues to be reported.

“as long as you...

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January Automobile Sales – Pathetic

According to, there was significant softness in the auto sector for January. This is having a negative impact on the sector. None of this seems to be a surprise, does it?
Here is their take:

-January domestic light vehicle sales 11.7 mln (-6%).Key Factors
-Poor start to the new...

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TDI Episode 43: Inside MSN Money and The Facebook Factor

Special Guest: Chris Jolley, MSN Money Senior Manager. $180 prize giveaway. MSN Money and discussion of where they are going. Andrew begins with a discussion of the Microsoft and YAHOO! deal and the real reasons for the move. Then we go in depth into the MSN Money site and...

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Microsoft and Yahoo! – Facebook is the Real Reason

Balmer is dancing, Yang is sobbing. If you listen closely, you can almost hear the distant sound of Taps playing as the vultures are circling what is left of a once gorgeous technology story. After a pathetic quarter and an even more disappointing year, Yahoo! is now bleeding a slow...

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