Month: February 2008

Fannie and Freddie: Burnt Offerings

There is creativity and then there is desperation. The real question these days is finding that fine line and recognizing the difference.

The FED and the financial powers has thus far been classified as creative in their “handling” of the credit crisis. Yesterday, during a very exciting (?) testimony from...

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401k Problems

If an impending recession, credit crisis and housing meltdown wasn’t enough, there has been a ruling that will now allow for workers to sue their employers if they have losses in their 401k plan. That’s right!

Now, employees may be able to have a defensible position that actually allows for...

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TDI Episode 45: Robbin’ The Hood

WARNING AND IMPORTANT ADVICE on how to protect your portfolio and your cash. Andrew brings back essential knowledge from the Reuters Summit on Housing. In this episode we hear what is on the minds of advisors and other noted speakers of significant influence who all had their opportunity to discuss...

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Media and News: The Savings Game

In his recent nationally syndicated column, The Savings Game, personal finance writer Humberto Cruz interviewed me for to find out if there is: “A different way to rebalance your portfolio?” We explored a few options and he wrote:  

To be sure, this strategy ”” and even just rebalancing back to...

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