Month: December 2007

Profitable Resolutions for the New Year

It seems that the commitment made to resolutions each New Year is such a common pastime that the United States government actually has a web page dedicated to the “Top New Year‘s Resolutions.” According to the “government-made-easy” site (, there are a dozen or so popular resolutions that we seem...

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TDI Podcast 38: The BESPy AWARDS Part 2!

AWARDS SHOW! The Disciplined Investor‘s 1st Annual BESPy Awards – 2007

The First Annual BESPy awards. The BESPy recognizes the “Top” BLOGS, EDUCATION, SOFTWARE and PODCASTS dedicated to Business and Finance for the modern investor. There are thousands of financial sites, blogs and podcasts available for the Disciplined Investor, and we...

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South Florida Biz Journal Focus

Podcasts get the word out ……
In March, as Andrew Horowitz was preparing to publish his book, “The Disciplined Investor,” the financial planner was considering ways to promote its arrival.

Already a savvy self-promoter among friends, peers and the media, he wanted to take his guide to investment strategies to the...

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TDI Podcast 37: BESPy Awards Part 1

Guest: Forbes Editor – Matt Schifrin. The Disciplined Investor’s First Annual BESPy Awards Part 1 – Blogs, Education, Software and Podcasts are reviewed. In Part 1, we talk with Matt about Forbes’ Best of Web list. Next week we go “live” to the BESPy Awards. Stay tuned to find out...

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