TDI Podcast 35: A Rant and a Retail Rundown

Panel-Kristin Bentz of and Evan Schuman of on Retail Stocks.

Andrew goes on a RANT about the mess with Freddie Mac and Fannie Mae. This mortgage fiasco is bringing out a bit of steam from his ears. What happened with the Analysts? Why have they not watched our backs? Why have they let us flounder? Let’s get ready to RUMBLE….Something has gotta give!

Our Guests/Panel

Kristen BentzKristin Bentz, the managing editor of RealMoney, joined in August 2007. A former Wall Street retail analyst, Bentz served as the product manager for consumer equities at Lehman Brothers. She has analyzed retail stocks for Northeast Securities’ Independent Research Group and Ladenburg Thalmann. Bentz writes the blog Talented Blonde. She holds a bachelor’s degree from Arizona State University, a master’s degree in business administration from Fordham University Graduate School of Business Administration. Kristen knows her stuff and it shows during this discussion.

Evan SchumanEvan Schuman of, a terrific retail technology and E-Commerce blog. He also writes for other publications regarding the retail sector. Having covered IT issues for 20 years – and other stuff like legal affairs, politics, Wall Street and the environment for about seven years before that – Schuman is in a good position to gripe about technology trends and sometimes accidentally makes a good point. Evan does a great job in this podcast bringing up some very key points about the retails sector/industry.


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