Month: September 2007

TDI Podcast 29: Never Play Offense with Your Defense

Guest: Liz Ann Sonders, Chief Investment Strategist for Charles Schwab. (SCHW)

What is happening with the markets, is your money safe ? Money markets and sub-prime exposure are discussed. Is there a recession looming and how safe is your money market. Never play offense with the defensive part of your...

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Stock Valuation – Sears in Focus

(Excerpt from The Disciplined Investor, pages 90-91 – See Inside the Book at Amazon)
There are several types of assets a company can own. Each business is different but all will have some combination of capital stock, land, some form of real estate, inventory, trucks and many other items...

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PEG Ratio Plays

I am often asked to explain what is the PEG Ratio. This is a great tool to help understand the valuation of a stock in the context of the future earnings potential. This is a tool that should be used in conjunction with others in order to discern of the...

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TDI Podcast 28: A Morbid Tale of Profit

Guest: Steven Leimberg tells us about the gruesome money scheme that has investors looking to profit by buying life insurance on seniors. Where else can you say: “The sooner they die, the more profit the investor makes” – very nice!

A Morbid Tale of Profit: AKA -The Death Of the Insurance...

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The Disciplined Investor – In Stock and Shipping

It is finally here!

The book looks great and is now available at a few select bookstores (Amazon, Borders..) as well as THE DISCIPLINED INVESTORE. As this is a very exciting time, I hope that you will help to spread the word by letting your friends and colleagues know about...

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