Month: August 2007

Meet Andrew

A new section has been added to the site. As the book launch is getting closer and closer, there will be opportunities to attend workshops and conferences that Andrew is attending.

We will add to the page as new events are confirmed. The first added is the WealthEXPO in New York...

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The China Syndrome- Fact or Fiction?

The original movie, The China Syndrome, starring Jack Lemmon was a “fictional” story about one man‘s mission to stop a nuclear catastrophe from occurring. The title refers to the taunt concept of an American nuclear plant meltdown that will dissolve everything in its path until it eventually reaches all the...

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TDI Podcast 22: Sinkhole Rescue and Portfolio First Aid

Sinkhole Rescue, Portfolio First Aid and Aaron Task of interview. Important discussion about the markets and the short-sale uptick rule repeal.

We explore the potential for the next market surprise that will crush equities. Doom and gloom are setting in.

We start with a look back at how the specific recommendations...

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A Score of Reasons for Continued Market Volatility

Friday’s Markets: “YEEESH! That was fun…”

In a nutshell, we are witnessing the corrective nature of the markets when it needs to expel a poison. Aggressive lending practices and a general disregard for risk has forced it to occur in a violent manner. It is a cleansing process that allows for...

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How to survive the market sinkhole

First, we should be clear about why some of this is going on. Aside from all of the underlying fundamental and very apparent technical conditions that helped to get us to this point, there is one overlooked item. This is definitely the repeal of the uptick rule.

According to Investopedia the...

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