Month: August 2007

TDI Podcast 24: Trust and Transparency

Guests: John Dvorak, John Havens and Parker Conrad. Who can you trust when looking for investment and financial advice? We discuss Trust and Transparency in the modern age.

There is so much information out there and we take a deep look at the problems with mixing amateurs and pros in the...

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Glancing Blow or Eye of the Storm?

If the markets were to be compared to a hurricane, we could say that the front wall has passed and we are now in the eye. This is one of nature‘s wonders that is both beautiful and potentially deadly.

During the period that the eye passes over, skies are blue, the...

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Update – Zumiez Hits HOT 100

On July 24th, we initially reviewed Zumiez (ZUMZ) with a post entitled Zoom Zoom Zumiez. Concurrently we started to add a first round of investments for our client portfolios. The price at the time was approaching $38.50.

Recently, reported that Bon-Ton is tops in growth in the Stores...

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Can financial bloggers collect unemployment benefits?

“I rant and therefore I am” Andrew Horowitz
Of Mice and Anal-ists

It is awfully irritating to read and listen to the post game shows. FELLAS: we already know that the market tanked! What we need is prediction and pre-market assessments! Unfortunately, it seems that the art of forward thinking is...

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China Conspiracy Continues

Well, if you are still unconvinced about a convert and concerted effort by US manufacturers and/or our government against China, take a look at these few items that hit the news today..Do I sound paranoid?: (also see previous post on TDI)

COMMENT on this please on what you think….Look for Poll...

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