Month: June 2007

The Rental Car Gas Game

There I was, once again moving towards the counter, anxious that I was going to get beat by those smart people who silently laugh at me as I ask seemingly stupid questions. It is clear that they know what I am going to ask even before I ask. I am...

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Adobe earnings seen benefiting from CS3

There are several calls coming from the street today concerning Adobe. Shares have been flat for some time and now that the release of the much anticipated Creative Suite 3 (CS3) has been met with such success, there may be an opportunity to celebrate. The product line up that Adobe...

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NAND shortage and iPhone effect

According to recent reports from Apple Insider; “An existing $1.25 billion dollar arrangement between Apple and the world’s largest memory makers was designed to secure the iPod maker an ample supply of NAND flash memory through 2010, but Apple is now reported to be asking for even more chips...

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TDI Podcast 14: CROXcast, eBay and CNBC

The CROXcast. Crocs and eBay Short Idea Discussed. CNBC Challenge Cheaters. Listener questions answered.

It has been a long weekend of comments on the blog site for The Disciplined Investor. My analysis and comments on CROX seemed to have hit a nerve. In this Podcast, we discuss many of the comments...

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CNBC Portfolio Challenge finds Cheating

It is amazing that no matter what, there are those that will find a way to cheat the system. In an apparent technology flaw, players could actually trade after the market closed, profiting on earnings and other news releases. The ability to do so was recently uncovered as a few...

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