TDI Podcast – CNBC Challenge Daily Picks April 17, 2007

CNBC Portfolio Challenge Picks for April 17, 2007 : 2 stocks to buy today.

During the final 5 weeks of the CNBC Million Dollar Portfolio Challenge, the specific disciplines that have been used during the first half of the competition for The Discipline Investor’s Portfolio will be discussed. Technical analysis along with earnings and momentum plays that brought in over $500,000 of profits (in 5 weeks) are explained along with a review of each new buy or sell decision. Use these in your “Challenge Portfolio” or just listen in to help generate ideas to for use in the competition. See full article for portfolio values and returns.


Daily Updates with specific buy and sell recommendations will be provided with a recap of the latest trading results. This is a great way for you to get a leg-up on the competion and learn the art of active trading.

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Portfolio 4/17/07

CNBC Million Dollar Portfolio Challenge