Month: March 2007

CNBC Portfolio Challenge Results – Week #1

After the first full week, our portfolio was up a total of $120,000*. That is a 12% GAIN in a week that was rather volatile. There were a few losers, but the worst was a 3% overall loss on Heely’s (HLYS) when it took a $3 plunge on an earnings...

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The Disciplined Investor Podcast – Episode 2

Episode 2 – Tax Tips, CNBC Market Challenge and Financial Hosts with the Most (not)

In this episode Andrew discusses some important tax tips that can help you save some money on your 2006 return. In this post is a list of the specific items mentioned in the podcast. Also...

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Herd on the Media (Yes Herd!)

There is way too much weight put on the comment of only a few that are in the media limelight. Remember, only a few years back, some of these same individuals were actually fired from their TV and RADIO positions because they were found to be profiting from their own...

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Henny Penny and Ignoring History (1929)

It now has become a bit surreal to watch these markets have such a profound reaction to events that are, well, petty. While the Hang Seng and the European markets have suddenly and viciously slumped, investors in the US markets have succumbed to the old Henny Penny attitude that the...

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Dow Jones Outlook after Meltdown

The reality is that aside from a very timid investment climate, it looks like this is nothing beyond a bit of pressure being relieve from a market that has been so tame for so long. Let’s face it, th fact that China had a moderate meltdown last week...

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