Month: March 2007

Crime and EBAY; A recipe for a short position

EBAY and Paypal are the new targets of Nigerian scam artists. Has anyone thought about the effects? Aside from reading a few items and seeing a recent news expose` on the problems (EBAY) is having with “online fencing of stolen goods”, I have not seen much alarm at this trend,...

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The Disciplined Investor Podcast – Episode 3

Episode 3 – EBAY and the scam problems, how to play. (DELL) is a buy. Know when to sell a stock!

This episode is dedicated to the topic of investing. To start, look at (EBAY) and the problems they are having with international scam artists. Unless they have a real great...

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CNBC Portfolio Challenge Results – Week #2

Week # 2 brought an interesting bit of contrast. While I stayed with the basic discipline of buying prior to the earnings releases, the market was in no mood for fun.

The hangover from the “sub-prime” meltdown of the previous week was still heavy in the air. Another factor that made...

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Shuffle Master a good bet?

Shuffle Master is a name that you should really look at as a play on the gaming market domestically and internationally, The reality is that it is a “picks and shovels” approach to the gaming industry.

They are a great benefit to the casinos as they are in the...

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The ingrown toenail that KILLED the US Economy!

Take a look at some of the comments floating around in cyberspace regarding our economy. It is rather disheartening. I read an article in which people are skipping right past recession and now talking depression. HUH?

In reponse to the hysteria, I wrote:

They said that the subprime market is going to...

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