Month: February 2007

Tuesday was Bruise-Day

That was quite a day! The market movement on Tuesday was not what we usually expect during a day of limited news. Sure, the Chinese Markets swooned 8%, but that was on the heels of the 20+% return over the 6 preceding sessions. That market had also seen amazing gains...

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Banks in Florida

From: Seeking Alpha: Herb Greenberg (MarketWatch) submited a recent story about BankUnited Financial (BKUNA), best known for ARM loans in Florida, apparently has had it with critics.
Andrew’s Reply to the post: You have to know that something is going terribly wrong in Florida when we hear about crazy tax...

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Chinese Internet Stocks

Recently on a post from the blog Seeking Alpha, there was a discussion about the upcoming earning from NetEase ( NTES ). The author, Daniel Vlad, fet that there is a chance that the company may post good numbers in its Feb 26th, 2007 announcement. Here is my reply:

Have you...

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The High Cost of Inkjet Printing

So, you want a printer? Do I have a deal for you! Here it is:

A full color printer with either 2 or 3 ink jet cartridges that will give you amazing color for your pictures as well as great black and white for your documents. Ink comes in 7 and...

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Thin is in and Stout is out!

Well that is a catchy headline but in all truth, the brewers have been on a tear for the year ending Feb 15, 2007. The headline should probably read:
“A Cheer for Beer; No Grin for Thin”. While most Americans are dieting on a regular basis (especially beginning on Mondays...

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